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Welcome to Chef to Table, where we specialize in providing fresh and flavorful meal prep, meal planning, cooking classes, private dinners, and private chef services for any occasion. Our team of expert chefs is dedicated to bringing you the best culinary experience possible. Let us take care of the cooking so you can sit back, relax, and enjoy your meal.

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About Chef to Table

"Welcome to Chef to Table LLC, where culinary excellence meets heartfelt passion! With over two decades of expertise in the industry, I, Chef Sarah Kim, a proud female veteran and B.S. graduate in Culinary Arts Management from The Art Institute of Seattle, bring you a symphony of flavors and experiences. From personalized meal preps and bespoke catering to engaging cooking classes and intimate private dinners, we craft unforgettable moments around the table. Let Chef to Table transform your dining experience into a journey of taste and connection – where every bite tells a story, and every meal is a celebration!"

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