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What Our Clients Say About Us

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Intimate Dinner Party Catering

Debbie V. October 2023

We had a group of 6, Sarah cooked salmon and her signature pesto cream sauce. To Die For! Sarah was very professional and fun to talk to. Made for a beautiful evening. Thank you Sarah with Chef to Table.
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Nutritional Meal Prep

Mari V. January 2024

I have tried many food services for my meal preps and none have earned my money or review. I met Sarah at my granddaughters dance class. She gave me her card and I instantly ordered 10 meals. They were so delicious. The tofu with peanut sauce meal prep and the ground turkey curry with vegetables were delicious. I can honestly say I found my own personal chef. After the pandemic the quality of food at restaurants and service had declined and I refuse to spend my hard earned money at these restaurants. Chef to table meal preps are of high quality taste and even though they are meal preps they still taste fresh! I loved them so much I ordered another 10 meals and this time it was the ground turkey meatloaf and chicken with pesto sauce. They were a hit with my husband and my grandchildren. I most definitely recommend chef to table to everyone. I can’t wait for my next order. Lastly, Sarah will create meal preps for any special diet needs!
 "Delicious Food Experience" "Outstanding Catering Service" "Exceptional Meal Prep Service" "Tasty and Convenient Meal Soluti

Festive Fall Wedding Catering

Alexandria T. November 2023

Such amazing staff & manager/owner. Not to mention the food and service were outstanding!! We will definitely be looking forward to using their catering services for our next family event.
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Corporate Event Catering

Joel W. October 2023

Chef Sarah Kim catered an all day event - breakfast, lunch and dinner. It was...AMAZING! My favorite were the egg bites for breakfast and the brisket and collard greens for dinner. I've never tasted collard greens as good. Also, the pene and meatballs were in a light creme basil/sun dried tomato sauce was pure taste bud explosion. Hire them for your event and you'll see!
Salmon Meal Pre

Custom Meal Prep

Nathan M. July 2023

Sarah is by far the most professional, talented, and adroit chef I’ve ever experienced. Every meal is superior to any thing I’ve ever tasted. Her attention to details in my requests for my meal prep macros were not over looked and I am looking forward to my next meals with her and a continued relationship with my ultimate product being a testament to her diligence and pride in her craft. Would recommend 10 stars if I could!
 "Delicious Food Experience" "Outstanding Catering Service" "Exceptional Meal Prep Service" "Tasty and Convenient Meal cater

Private Event Catering

Laura F. August 2023

Sarah and her team did a fabulous job working with us to plan, cook, serve, and cleanup for three meals and many snacks for our 2-day family reunion. This included adults and children with a wide range of food allergies (gluten, dairy, seafood, nuts). From the early planning all the way through to the end, Sarah and her team were engaged, creative, and thorough. The food displays and quality were impeccable and the guests all complimenting everything. I highly commend Sarah and her team to everyone.
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